style frames for the thesis site

Using green to create a relaxed environment. The sprouts represent the kids, and the hopes.


Reading: From Topics to Questions

A topic is an interest specific enough to support research that one might plausibly report on in a book or article that helps others to advance their thinking and understanding.

narrow the topic by adding modifying words and phrases. (conflict, desription, contribution and development)

the starting point of good research is always what you do not know or understand but feel you must.

I am studing _____________, because I want to find out who/how/why __________ in order to understand how/why what____________.

I am studing post-traumatic stress disorder, because I want to find out how media can help with the PTSD cure process in order to help children who survived the Sichuan earthquake.

Reading: From Questions to Problems

A research problem defined by what it is that you do not know or understand, but feel you must.

my practical problem -- tons of children witness the disaster and lost their familiy in the huge earthquake which happened in Sichuan recently. Their mental health were affacted to a certain degree.

my research question: How can I help them by building up something using?

my research problem: How media helps the recovery process of post-traumatic stress disorder.
It is an applied research problem because I want to make it helpful to the kids.

The solution will be a designed product that can help the recovery process.

Fengyu Hao

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I'm living in New York, pursueing a MFA degree of Design and Technology at Parsons the New School for Design. My major interests are animation and coding for interactive design. This is a place where I document my MFA thesis working process.

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