A suggestion from Sven and a couple of new ideas

I talked to Sven today about the Chengdu porject and my thesis project. He mentioned an idea of taking advantage of Wii or other portable gaming platforms, and the TV, which gave me a big inspiration. Gaming systems like Wii, are not very popular in China especally in the rural area. But in the early 90's, there was a Chinese vedio game and learning systerm called Xiaobawang Learning Machine that was seen everywhere. It connected to the TV and had various of applications and functions. I even remembered my mom used to code on that machine. It is a keyborad which is almost the same as computer keyborad with a slot for the game card. A pair of joysticks and a mouse are also included in this system.

The Xiaobawang Learning Machine is a affordable system for most Chinese family. Since it may be not available in stores now, if people can donate their old Xiaobawangs for this project, it can be a nice platform to use.

Another portable platform that is very very popular among school teenagers is electronic dictionaries.

Almost every student has one for their English class, and for game play. There are several major brands with a number of different machines. Not sure how to code on that yet. But I can understand how much Chinese kids like these machines : ) Affordable price and a lot of functions.

One important thing Sven kept saying is that I HAVE to get DIRECTLY CONNECTED with the kids. One suggestion from Anezka from last two meetings on the user testing issue was to test with kids here. I'll keep these advices in mind and keep connect to people.


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