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Xiao-Ming’s Drawing Diary

• Part 1: In door, the boy’s house
• Part 2: Out door, a playground with several pieces of equipment, and a football filed.
• Both parts end in a shelter.

• The 8-years-old artist boy Xiao-Ming who likes drawing a lot. He carries his crayons in his pocket all the time.
• The robot panda Duo Duo eats almost everything. He’s always curious of the taste of the boy’s crayons, but the boy doesn’t allow him to bite them. The robot has flexible arms that can stretch out very far. He knows very well about disaster safety information.

• The story is Xiao-Ming’s experience of 2 earthquakes.

• In the first part, he and Duo Duo are in their house. Xiao-Ming tries to get out of the house when the earthquake breaks out, but the wall next to the door is falling apart. Duo Duo saves him and they both hide under the desk. After the first shock, the whole house is completely ruined. They end up staying in the tent that night. Xiao-Ming draws down how Duo Duo taught him to duck and cover in this earthquake.

• Part two, Xiao-Ming is sketching in a playground while Duo Duo is biting some equipment as usual. All of a sudden an earthquake shocks the ground. Xiao-Ming remembers that they hided under some place last time so he runs into the playground and hide under a piece of equipment. The equipment starts to break down. Duo Duo jumps over his place and saves him again. Two of them crouch down and cover their head on the football field until the earthquake ends. That night in the tent, Xiao-Ming draws down his experience again.

Story beats
Part 1
• Xiao-Ming is drawing his diary on his little desk.

• Suddenly he feels the desk is shaking slightly.

• Xiao-Ming gets confused and looks down, finds out it’s Duo Duo hiding under the table, trying to steal his crayon.

• Duo Duo is throwing the crayon into his huge mouth.

• Xiao-Ming grabs back his crayon from Duo Duo.

• All of a sudden, an earthquake shocks.

• Xiao-Ming freaks out and starts to running towards the door, trying to get out from the house. The wall near the door starts to fall apart.

• Duo Duo notes the danger, and stretches his arm and grabs Xiao-Ming back.

• They both hide under the desk, holding the legs of the desk.

• Things are falling down, hitting the desk surface, but they are safe under the desk.

• The quake stops. They walk out and see the wall falling apart on the ground. The door is lying under the ruined wall.

• Xiao-Ming is sad. He picks up his drawing diary from the ruins and looks back at the Duo Duo.

• Duo Duo is biting the bricks from the wall.

• Later, they are in the tent. Xiao-Ming is drawing his diary again and Duo Duo is standing behind him.

• Xiao-Ming finishes his diary and looks at it.

• We see his drawing of him and Duo Duo hiding under the desk, holding desk legs and losing their eyes.

• Duo Duo stretches out his arm and steals a crayon.

• He eats the crayon and looks happy.

Part 2
• Xiao-Ming is sketching in a playground. He notices that the ladder is shaking. He gets nervous.

• He soon realize that it’s Duo Duo biting the equipment so he keeps working on his art.

• An earthquake starts.

• Xiao-Ming gets nervous again but he remembers that last time they hid under a desk. He decides to hide under the slide.

• The slide starts to fall apart.

• Duo Duo stretches out his arms and push the ground so he can jump very far. He carries Xiao-Ming by his mouth and takes him to the football field in the playground. The silde is shattered by the power of earthquake right after Xiao-Ming leaves.

•Duo Duo shows Xiao-Ming to crouch down (even though he can’t) and cover his head.

• Both of them crouch down and cover their head on the football field until the earthquake ends.

• That night they are in the shelter again.

• Xiao-Ming is drawing his diary as usual.

• He shows his drawing about crouch down and cover his head in an open space..

• Duo Duo steals a green crayon this time.

• He eats the crayon and burps with some green air.

• If you are in a room when an earthquake hits, don’t run away from the building. In stead, hide under a table and hold one table leg. This will prevent you from being hurt by the falling things.

• If you are out door when an earthquake hits, stay away from buildings, trees, lights and power lines. Crouch down and cover your head.


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